TMVA – Plots

Example for a plots showing the signal and background distributions of a toy TMVA analysis using four discriminating variables (script: macros/variables.C).


Example for the plots giving the linear correlation coefficients for the signal and background discriminating variables that are used in the MVAs. (script: macros/correlations.C).


Example for plots showing the various output MVAs for the signal and background samples used in a toy analysis. (script: macros/mvas.C).

Example for a plot giving the background rejection versus the signal efficiency for the various MVAs used in the toy analysis. (script: macros/efficiencies.C).

Example for a MLP architecure plot after training. The line thickness indicates the strength of the weight. Reddish colors have positive weights, blueish negative, greenish small absolute weights. (script: macros/network.C).

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